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Crushing Step Martial Arts is a friendly Martial Arts club located in South Pasadena and Alhambra, CA. We practice the Traditional Martial Arts of Wing Chun, Northern Mantis, Bagua Zhang (Yin Style), out doors at a local park or at the Instructor’s residence.
We practice and analyze self defense concepts, drills, and conditioning as handed down through the years by ancestors of these great arts.

Instruction is tailored to the individual student’s needs and ability. We incorporate fitness training at various levels to keep the body strong. Although self defense is the essence of our practice, with patient and diligent practice the student will begin to realize better health, a stronger body and more alert mind.

The instructor is open, friendly, and likes to push the students to their percieved “limits” in order to help them learn more about themselves and their capabilities.

Ultimately, Kung Fu practice is a journey of self discovery. It’s a philosophy, a way of life that promotes the health and well being of it’s practitioners and society.

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What to expect while training with Crushing Step

We always start the new student with the basics of movement through stance, technique, and forms practice.
Next the student will be introduced to various fighting concepts, and theory. This helps the student understand the how and why questions that come from doing the forms. There are many two person drills that come out of the forms that are used as tools to aid in understanding the concepts learned and developing the correct feeling.
The student will spend much time learning to perform the movements in a relaxed way. Learning to relax builds awareness, stamina, and power.
There is a lot of repetition of the movements, this builds muscle memory and motor skills to sharpen reflexes.

Sometimes training is slow and painful due to the various postures, it’s easy to get frustrated. I encourage the student to persevere, because after some time it gets easier. Kung Fu presents hardship to the student, this makes you stronger.

We do practice forms. Our forms practice is meant to teach the spirit and flavor of the systems as well as to teach self defense concepts and to strengthen your body, all at the same time!. The way you execute the forms evolves over time as your understanding of the arts evolves. Each system has it’s own set of forms to learn, some more than others. Understand that just learning all the forms doesn’t mean you finished learning the art. Instead it means that now the real learning can begin!

One more note about our forms. We don’t train for competition or showmanship as this would change the essence of how they are practiced and detract from their true purpose.

Higher level students begin training in the free style application, through close range sticky hands, and longer range free form sparring. This builds confidence and teaches the finer points of line and position.

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About the Instructor

Mantis 024

Sifu Richard Verdugo has been a devoted student of martial arts for over 31 years. Trained in various boxing systems, has come to settle on Wing Chun, as his main system. He later met a great Northern Mantis Sifu, Wang Bai Li, who became his friend and teacher. After learning Mantis boxing from Wang Bai Li, Rich was given permission to teach this art and pass it on to others.

Richard also spent ten years studying Yin Style Bagua Zhang from Sifu Jason Tsou in Monterey Park California. It’s a great system for health and self defense.

We keep an open mind and welcome practitioners of any system to visit and join us. A core value of Richard is the mutual respect of all martial arts seeing value in what other disciplines have to offer. Keeping a “Jeet Kune Do” like mentality towards martial arts training while still preserving the tradition. Wing Chun, Mantis, and Bagua are all hybrid martial arts so it’s only natural they continue to progress.

Richard is currently training Kali under Guro David Quigley, Martial Arts expert and founder of Limitless Martial Arts.

Other systems Sifu Richard trained in: Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Lima Lama Kung Fu ( Black Belt at age 18), Kali, Jeet Kune Do.

Lineage Info:

Wing Chun Boxing:

Ip man -> Leung Sheung -> Wong Siu -> Richard Verdugo

Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing:

Wang Lang -> Li Bing Xiao -> Zhao Zhu -> Liang Xue Xiang -> Jiang Hua Long -> Wang Zhen Gao -> Wang Xi Shan -> Wang Bai Li -> Richard Verdugo

Yin Fu Style Bagua Zhang:

Dong Huai Chuan -> Gong B Tien -> Liu Y Chiao -> Jason Tsou -> Richard Verdugo